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We at My Programming Expert with excellent team of VB.NET experts offer assistance for VB.NET Assignment Help & VB.NET Homework Help.

Our Online VB.NET tutors offer instant support for VB.NET weekly assignments. Send your assignments at support@myprogrammingexpert.com for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.

Topics For VB.NET

  • .NET Business Applications,layered application architecture,Visual Basic solution with Visual Studio,Strong naming assemblies with Visual Studio,Object-Oriented Programming ,encapsulation,fields and public properties,methods and events
  • Constructors and initializers,inheritance,Overriding base class ,polymorphism,abstractions with MustInherit classes,NET Framework,Common Language Runtime (CLR),Managing memory and garbage collection,Intermediate Language
  • Handling errors ,NET Framework Class Library,NET arrays ,generic collections,Leveraging data annotation ,web user interfaces,ASP.NET web pages ,ASP.NET page life cycle and events,data access into ASP.NET,NET desktop applications
  • Windows Forms and controls,interface events,data binding,Data with Entity Framework and LINQ,ADO.NET,stored procedures,ADO.NET Entity Framework,object-relational mapping ,Constructing LINQ statements,NET configuration and VB My.Settings,ASP.NET web applications

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