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UML Assignment Help , UML Homework Help

We at My Programming Expert with excellent team of UML programming experts offer assistance for UML Assignment Help & UML Homework Help. Our Online UML programming tutors offer instant support for UML weekly assignments. Send your assignments at support@myprogrammingexpert.com for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.


Topics for Assignment help :

  • Prominent OO Methodologies:  Variables and Data Type, Language Statements, Procedures and Functions, Arrays and Records, Strings, Objects, Inheritance, Handling Exceptions, Properties and Events, Interfaces, Manipulating Classes, Objects and Memory, Generics, Anonymous Methods, Reflection and Attributes, The Object Class, RunTime Library
  • Use case diagram: Requirement Capture with Use case., Building blocks of Use Case diagram - actors, use case guidelines for use case models., Relationships between use cases - extend, include, generalize.
  • Activity diagram: Elements of Activity Diagram - Action state, Activity state, Object.node, Control and Object flow, Transition , Guidelines for Creating Activity Diagrams., Activity Diagram - Action Decomposition., Partition - Swim Lane.
  • Static structural view (Models):Classes, values and attributes, operations and methods,responsibilities for classes, abstract classes, access specification, Relationships among classes: Associations, Dependencies,Inheritance - Generalizations, Aggregation., Adornments on Association: association names, associationclasses, qualified association, n-ary associations, ternary and reflexive association., Dependency relationships among classes, notations, Notes in class diagram, Extension mechanisms, Metadata,Refinements, Derived , data, constraint, stereotypes, Package &interface notation., Object diagram notations and modeling, relations among objects


  • Class Modeling and Design Approaches:Three approaches for identifying classes - using Noun phrases,Abstraction, Use Case Diagram.Comparison of approaches., Using combination of approaches., Flexibility guidelines for class diagram: Cohesion, Coupling,Forms of coupling , class Generalization, class specialization versus aggregation.
  • Behavioral (Dynamic structural view):State diagram:State Diagram Notations, events (signal events, change events,Time events). State Diagram states (composite states, parallel states, History states), transition and condition, state diagram behavior(activity effect, do-activity, entry and exit activity), completion transition,sending signals. Interaction diagrams: Sequence diagram - Sequence diagram notations and iterations, conditional messaging, branching, object creation and destruction, time constraints, origin of links,Activations in sequence diagram. Collaboration diagram - Collaboration diagram notations and examples, iterations, conditional messaging, branching, object creation and destruction, time constraints, origin of links,activations in sequence diagram.

Our UML Assignment help tutors are available for all kinds of weekly assignments in UML including diagrams , class modeling , & lot more topics like :

  • Architectural view: Logical architecture: dependency, class visibility, sub systems.Hardware architecture: deployment diagram notations, nodes, object migration between node,Process architecture: what are process and threads and their notations in UML, object synchronization, invocation schemes for threads. Implementation architecture: component diagram notations andexamples.
  • Reuse: Libraries, Frame works components and Patterns:Reuse of classes, Reuse of components,Reuse of frameworks, black box framework, white box frame, Reuse of patterns: Architectural pattern and Design pattern.

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