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LISP Assignment Help , LISP Homework Help


We at My Programming Expert with excellent team of LISP programming experts offer assistance for LISP Assignment Help & LISP Homework Help. Our Online LISP programming tutors offer instant support for LISP weekly assignments.

Send your assignments at support@myprogrammingexpert.com for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.

Few Topics are:

  • Lisp structured programming
  • Lisp data types
  •  data representation
  • data handling
  • Streams, Pathnames and File I/O
  • Structures and Hash Tables
  •  Macros
  • Closures
  • Object Oriented Lisp
  • Common Lisp Object System
  • Multiple dispatch
  •  Generic Functions
  • Inheritance
  • Performance and Correctness
  •  Garbage collection
  • Error conditions and error handling
  • Knowledge representation
  •  Plans, actions, state spaces, goals
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Handling uncertainty and working with belief networks
  • Search and problem solving
  • uninformed and heuristic search
  • adversarial search and games
  • expert systems
  • planning and theorem proving
  • Functional programming
  •  Machine Learning

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