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We at My Programming Expert with excellent team of J2ME  experts offer assistance for J2ME Assignment Help & J2ME Homework Help. Our Online J2ME tutors offer instant support for J2ME weekly assignments.

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Topics For J2ME:

  • J2ME Architecture,J2ME Wireless Toolkit demonstrations,MIDPApplications,MIDP 2.0 application environment
  • MIDP development process, new MIDlet,MIDP user interface (UI)architecture,MIDP high-level UI API,Display object
  • Item class and subclass components,high-level item event handling,message on the MIDlet screen,user input interface
  • item statechanges,menu system,MIDP low-level UI API,Managing Data on theDevice,data persistence,RMS package in the MIDP
  • Access RecordStore objects ,aRecordStore object,RecordEnumeration interface,MIDlet suites, Network Dataand Services,
  • GenericConnection Framework (GCF)interface,HypertextTransfer Protocol (HTTP),HttpConnectioninterface ,Media Control
  • Mobile Media API,interfaces,StarShip Battle game

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