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Embedded C Assignment Help , Embedded C Homework Help


We at My Programming Expert with excellent team of Embedded C programming experts offer assistance for Embedded C Assignment Help & Embedded C Homework Help.

Our Online Embedded C programming tutors offer instant support for Embedded C weekly assignments. Send your assignments at support@myprogrammingexpert.com for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.

Topics for Embedded C are:

  • Embedded Systems ,C Language, Structure of a C Program ,Identifiers ,Name Spaces and Scope ,Compilation & Linking , MCU Boot Process , C Best Practices for Embedded Systems ,
  • Variables, Types and Debugging,MCU Architecture , Program Execution ,Variables , Representing Numbers ,Type Casting , Debugging Embedded Systems ,
  • Operators and Hardware Manipulation,,Understanding Register Maps , Operators ,   Bit Manipulation ,  Modulus and Shifting ,  Memory Addressing ,  Sizeof ,  Ternary Operator ,   Precedence Rules ,
  • Basic Program Flow Control,Software Design Cycle , Software Architecture , UML ,Flowcharts , Round Robin Scheduling , Statements , For and While Loops 
  • If and Switch statements , Infinite Loops , ,Advanced Flow Control,,Introduction to Real-time Concepts , Interrupt Basics , Interrupt Vector Tables , Nesting and Priorities
  • Software Interrupts , Volatile keyword , Shared Data Problems and Solutions , RMA Analysis , Interrupts Best Practice ,,Advanced Types, Constants and Expressions,,Enumerations ,Derived Types , Literals 
  • Expressions and Evaluation ,State Machines , State Charts , Software Architecture Concepts ,,Arrays and Pointer Basics,Arrays , Multidimensional Arrays 

Complex Topics are:

  • Strings , String Conversion , Pointer Types , Pointers and Arrays , Pointers Operations ,More Pointers and Strings,Pointers to Pointers ,Pointers to Constants
  • Constant Pointers ,String Libraries ,Manipulating Memory ,Best Practices for Embedded Systems ,Functions,Syntax , Variable Scope ,Recursion , Inline Functions
  • Software Metrics ,Static Code Analysis , Testing Techniques , Best Practices for Embedded Systems ,Structures and Unions,Overview of Structures , Unions
  • Driver Design , Defining APIs , Driver Models , GPIO Driver ,,Scheduling Techniques,Arrays of Pointers to Functions , Function Queue Scheduling , Cooperative Scheduling , Scheduler Design
  • Energy Profiling , Low Power Software Design ,,Declarations,Syntax , Storage Class Specifiers , Global Variables , Type Qualifiers , Linkage Identifiers
  • Best Practice for Embedded Systems ,,Preprocessor,#define ,Macros ,Precedence ,Conditional Compilation ,Warnings ,#pragma ,Predefined Macros ,
  • Real-Time Operating Systems,Software Concurrency , Tasks and States , Task Synchronization , Mutexes Semaphores & Queues , GPOS vs RTOS

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